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Train your mind to welcome uncertainty so that your life can expand and grow 🤍

Join The Journey

I understand everyone is at different stages of their product journey and need different levels of assistance and training.

So I have built out a full selection of training videos!

From Canva Training, Shopify Customization & Technical use, Klaviyo Set Up & Facebook Ads

There are 2 options to choose from...

One time payment and access to everything!

As I always say, there is no ONE RULE fits all, that's why I have completely built out options for you to choose from.




- FULL ACCESS to all my templates with NO PHOTOS

(excluding The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Blueprint)

- FULL ACCESS to all my training videos

- EXCLUSIVE 80% off FOREVER on this website (the one you are on now) if you want templates with photos or my mockups - applied to products only.

- FULL ACCESS TO ALL FUTURE templates and training videos

- EXCLUSIVE FIRST ACCESS to new templates that haven't been released yet


Option 2: PAY AS YOU GO

You still have access to ALL THE SAME TRAINING VIDEOS, you just stay on this website x

You just pick and choose what training videos & products you need, I have created a bundle for ALL TRAINING videos if you just want to purchase this or only need some and not others.

All training videos have their OWN NEW WEBSITE that is locked by a password which you will receive after you purchase the training packages x

For anyone who wants to pay as you go!

and not sure where to start?

Start Here - Choose Your Products

Dive into the world of endless possibilities by kickstarting your brand with our exclusive digital products, complete with master resell rights.

Your journey begins with selecting products that resonate with your vision and captivate your audience. Let's make your brand stand out together!


All Products


What do we cover?

Canva Training Videos

- Opening Template & Creating Your Own PDF Document With Your Own Link (8 mins)

- Redesigning Templates & How To Make Mock Ups (21 mins)

Shopify Training Videos

- Customising Your Shopify Theme (26 mins)

- How To Use Shopify Tutorial - Upload Products - Blog Posts - Change Navigation (34 mins)

- Digital Downloads App For Shopify - How To Use & Upload Your Digital Products (5 Mins)

Klaviyo Training Videos

- Email Marketing Introduction (2 mins)

- Integrate Klaviyo & Shopify (2 mins)

- Welcome Series Flow & Designing Emails (29 Mins)

- Browse Abandonment Flow (12 Mins)

- Abandoned Cart Flow (20 Mins)

- Customer Thank You Flow (7 Mins)

- Pop Ups & Conculsion (29 Mins)

Facebook Ads Training Videos

There is NOT a one size rule fits all - Facebook ads requires strategy, the below covers how to get set up, setting up campaigns and when to use them

- Introduction & Understanding Campaigns, Ad Sets & Ads (5 min Read)

- Ads Manager link to make sure you are in the right place

- Setting up your pixel & loading it To shopify (PDF instructions with screenshots)

- Traffic Campaign covering set up & when to use this (24 mins)

- Creating your custom audiences (4 mins)

- Sales campaign covering set up & when to use this (9 mins)

- Retargeting campaign covering set up & when to use this (11 mins)

If you need support you can book in 1-1 Training!

Canva Training

Learn the art of Canva, transform templates into your unique creations, master digital mock-ups, and effortlessly create PDF files with shareable links for your customers. Ready to unleash your creativity?

And here's the exciting part: Opt for a follow-up/revision meeting if you crave that extra bit of guidance.

Shopify Training

Let's build your digital storefront from the ground up!

Together, we'll set up Shopify, design a website that screams 'YOU,' seamlessly integrate your digital products, and empower you with Shopify Pro skills.

Analytics won't be a mystery anymore - you'll navigate them like a seasoned pro!

Feel the need for more guidance? No worries! Choose a follow-up/revision meeting to refine your Shopify prowess.

Klaviyo Email Marketing

Unlock the secrets of impactful email marketing!

We'll craft flows that resonate with your brand, design attention-grabbing emails, and dive into campaigns and audience segmentation.

Your email game will be on point, creating lasting connections with your audience.

Hungry for more insights? Opt for a follow-up/revision meeting to tailor your email strategy to perfection.

Facebook Ads

Ready to conquer the realm of Facebook Ads? In our critical setup session, we'll dive into Facebook Ads Manager, create killer audiences, run strategic campaigns to find your right audience& decode analytics.

I'll show you how to track your ROAS, daily spend, so we can see what is working so we can witness the magic as your profits soar!

Yearning for additional support? Say the word, and we'll schedule a follow-up/revision meeting to fine-tune your Facebook Ads mastery.

Elevate Your Brand to New Heights

Elite Mentorship

How It All Works & Why

Are you ready to transform your digital product business into an unstoppable force?

Join me on a unique adventure tailor-made just for you and your brand through 'Join The Journey' – a pay-as-you-go program designed with YOUR success in mind.

Why Pay for What You Need? 🌈

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all programs!

Join The Journey empowers you with the flexibility to pay for exactly what you need, with no pesky lock-in contracts.

Your journey is uniquely yours, and so is the support you receive.

Benefits That Unfold As You Progress: 🌐

Personalized Guidance:

No more feeling lost in a crowd!

We understand the importance of one-on-one attention, ensuring that every step of your digital product journey is crafted with precision to match your aspirations.

Tailored for You:

This isn't a cookie-cutter approach.

'Join The Journey' is all about understanding YOU and the brand you want to create.

Each session is dedicated to unraveling the potential of your unique vision.

Your Time, Your Pace:

In a world of fast-paced group meetings, we choose quality over quantity.

This might be a bit of a slower approach, but it means every moment is dedicated to YOU and your brand's growth.

No one gets left behind in this personalized journey.

Who Should Join The Journey? 🌟

If you're tired of generic advice and want a program that aligns with YOUR goals, 'Join The Journey' is calling your name.

Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to elevate your digital product game, this is where your unique story unfolds.

Ready to embark on a personalized adventure that paves the way for your brand's success?

Join me in 'Join The Journey'

Where every step is YOUR step, and every success is uniquely YOURS.

I give you everything you need to create your unique brand that is different to anyone else's and all my marketing strategies to take yoru brand to the next level.

Who's ready to turn dreams into reality?

Let's start this exciting journey together! 🌟

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